Project Management

Partial Service

Very often a client who has received Planning Permission and appointed a contractor requires the works to be inspected for the Bank/Building Society and with a view to issuing a Certificate of Compliance on completion.

We can:

  • Carry out interim inspections at agreed stages, e.g. foundations, blockwork at damp course level, roof structure complete, etc.
  • Issue Certificates of Payment to the Bank/Building Society.
  • On completion, issue a service Opinion on Compliance with Planning Permission and Building Regulations.

Full Service

Refurbishment and building works can be managed from inception to completion. From taking and developing a client’s brief, drawings and specifications are prepared and appropriate consents obtained. Tender and contract advice is given and the appropriate procurement route agreed on. Upon receipt of tender, these are analysed and the contract let out to the most suitable contractor.

Full Service Process

1. Design and Planning Application

  • Design and prepare sketch designs to client’s specification and proposal.
  • Preparation of all planning submission drawings and specification inc. specifcations, maps, etc.
  • Submission of application.
  • Progress Monitoring.
  • Meeting with Planning Authority.

2. Fire Safety Certificate and Disability Access Certificate Application

  • Preparations of all fire safety certificate application drawings.
  • Calculations and specifications.
  • Site investigation
  • Submission and Progress monitoring
  • Preparation of Disability Access Certificate Application, including drawings and reports

3. Construction Drawings and Documents, Invitations to Tender

  • Upgrade of planning drawings to tender and construction standard.
  • Incorporation of Planning Permission conditions.
  • Development of specifications.
  • Production of services and detailed drawings schedules and documents for tender purposes.
  • Preparation of Budget Plan.
  • Invitation to tender for main contract.
  • Invitation to tender for sub-contracts.
  • Preparation of contract documents.
  • Analysis of tenders.
  • Submission of analysis to client.
  • Award of main contract and sub contracts.

4. Construction Drawings and Documents

  • Upgrade of planning and fire drawings to construction standard.
  • Incorporation of Planning Permission conditions.
  • Fire Safety Certificate conditions etc.
  • Development of specifications.
  • Production of services and detailed drawings, schedules and documents for tender purposes.

5. Preliminary Health and Safety Plan

  • In line with The Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act (2005) and Construction Regulations (2013)
  • Outlining duties of the supervisor for the design stage.
  • Preparation and issue of the pre-tender questionnaire.
  • Preparation of preliminary health and safety plan.
  • Investigations of services.
  • Preparation of code of practice for contractors.
  • Transfer of preliminary Health and Safety Plan to supervisor for the contract stage.

6. Supervision of the works

  • Pre-construction meeting with the client and contractor.
  • Submission of the construction drawings to contractor.
  • Site visits /meetings during the course of construction.
  • Preparation of all necessary administration, documents and drawings necessary.
  • Records of site meetings/photographs etc.
  • Preparation of interim certifies.
  • Project monitoring and administer of building contract.
  • Preparation of record drawings.
  • Issue stage payment certificates to bank and prepare opinion on compliance with building regulations and planning permission on completion.

Planning, design, construction and management of building projects are a complicated business driven by the need to accomplish outcomes with limited resources under critical time constraints.

Project Manager Role

The accepted task of the Project Manager is to integrate all aspects of the project to ensure that proper knowledge and resources are available when and where needed. Above all, the Project Manager must guarantee that the expected results are produced in a timely and cost effective manner.

What MCA Bring to each Project

To each project, MCA bring the following:

  • A proactive management style that ensures the creation of the most suitable project delivery team.
  • Managing skills that secure a focused team motivated and dedicated to achieving project objectives.
  • A close relationship with our client, aiding in the definition of the end results, and so determining the processes and controls required to achieve project goals.
  • Commercial intelligent guidance considering financial and economic viability, and our client’s culture and business plan.
  • Representing our client’s objectives throughout the project life cycle by maintaining close relations with our client and the project delivery group.