MCA translates complex client requirements into real and sustainable building designs.

Our design teams combine specialised skills with architectural flair gained from working on a wide variety of projects ranging from sports and medical service buildings, corporate buildings to retail outlets, Wildlife Park developments, domestic new build and refurbishment/construction, Residential, sheltered housing, Day Care Centres, and industrial facilities.

This experience provides MCA with an extensive range of skills allowing a comprehensive and results driven service to be delivered to the client.

MCA designs elegant and well engineered buildings that suit the client’s functional and operational needs while generally providing an architectural benefit greater than the brief.

Space planning and interior layout are key considerations, as are cost effective design to budget and programme.

Architectural Philosophy

The practice’ s architectural philosophy is to design buildings which fit well with the site, and the context in which the site is located. It allows each site and its unique context to determine the mass, scale and finish of the building in question. Emphasis is placed on understanding the needs and desires of the client, and to produce a design which will look well, and fulfil the needs of those who use the building.

Buildings are not only designed from the inside out, but also from the outside in. This ensures the finished product when viewed from the outside is satisfactory, and also ensures that space planning and interior layout are properly considered.

With the increasing awareness of  green issues and the move away from the artificially controlled environment,  the practice seeks in its design work to maximise both natural light and ventilation and to minimise energy and running costs.

Cost effective designs  to budget and programme form an equally important part of the process of developing and constructing buildings that suit client’s business and operation needs.