Fire Safety and Disability Access Certificates

Fire Safety

Under the Building Regulations Part B, a Fire Safety Certificate is required for all commercial/residential buildings excluding dwelling houses.

MCA has vast experience in the preparation of Fire Safety Certificates incorporating all relevant requirements in the design of the project.

Disability Access Certificates

Introduced under the Building Control Act, the disability access certificate is now required for all buildings to which the public have access, with the exception of private dwellings.

The aim of this is to ensure that all new buildings and modified old buildings which are to be accessible to members of the public, will be designed in such a way that persons who have physical disabilities will be able to have easy and safe access into the building and, once inside, will be able to access all the spaces that able bodied persons have access to.

Furthermore, all such buildings are to have special features which help the disabled person travel freely and safely through buildings through the application of minimum standards  to all features of the building.

The Disability  Access Certificate must be obtained by the developer before the building is put into operation, and at MCA, we strive to ensure that this is done as early as possible in the design process. This ensures that any requirement of the Building Control Department are fully taken into account  at the earliest stage of the project design.