Fota Wildlife Park Developments

Fota Wildlife Park Ltd. is a non-profit organisation limited by guarantee, and is a registered charity. Any financial surpluses that the Park generates are reinvested in order to promote the company’s objectives of conservation, education and research.

Over the years since 1996, I have worked on building designs and developments in Fota Wildlife Park.

The first building was the original Main Entrance and educational centre. This building originally was designed by MCA as a new Main Office centre, shop and  Educational centre. With the opening of the new main entrance  subsequently, this complex was taken over by the Educational department to allow it to carry on the ever growing educational work that the Park offers.

The early complex was opened officially by Hugh Coveney, Minister of State, Department of Finance on 28th April 1997.

Subsequently I was the Architect used by FWLP to design the Asian expansion onto 27 acres of land obtained from UCC. This involved designing habitats and buildings for tigers, lions, rhinos, and an assortment of primates, tapirs, warty pigs and a state of the art veterinary centre and Tropical House.

The development involved landscaping the original wastelands into a parklands with new lakes, and paths, a walkway over the lakes and an assortment of buildings and viewing areas.

The latter developments were opened in 2017 by Minister Simon Coveney, son of Hugh Coveney who performed the original ceremony in 1997.